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Mission Statement
The JCSU Center for Languages, Rhetoric and Culture (LRC) is one of the first year efficiency (FYE) support centers housed in the University College. Non-Cognitive Skills Focus include Academic Self-Efficacy, Educational Commitment and Motivation. The overarching mission of the LRC is threefold: (1) to provide a dynamic hub for student-staff-faculty learning collaborations that foster linguistic & cultural connections; (2) to offer academic support in writing, and language learning and; (3) to transform student attitudes about writing, language learning, and public speaking as well as presentation skills.

Learning Outcomes/Objectives
Objective 1. Support in the development of oral and written communication in World Language
(Spanish/French) acquisition.
Oral and written competency/proficiency will be assessed and measured based on the standards
outlined on the assignment rubric provided by the World Language Instructor. The unit World Language Director and/or student tutors will also use the world-readiness assessment standards outlined by American Council of Teachers of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) in 2012.

Objective 2. Provide a dynamic hub for student-staff-faculty learning collaborations that foster
linguistic & cultural connections.
The LRC expects students, faculty, and /or staff members to: (1) leave the center feeling more
linguistically and culturally aware/competent (2) report a high satisfaction rate with the programming and/or workshops/presentations, and (3) return to the center as continuous participants.

Objective 3. Assist in the written expression, development, and cohesion of ideas across various
academic writing genres and disciplines.
The LRC expects students to leave their sessions with strategies for writing across disciplines, in various genres, and for developing and supporting their arguments and/or research papers.

Program learning outcomes/objectives are readily available to students, prospective students,
faculty and staff via

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